Finding a way to make your space special often requires the most attention to detail. But often, it doesn't take much work to really make an impact. These videos provide the 'how-to' for a few easy DIY projects. Old School Hardware can help you get started. Just bring in your shopping list, or email it to, and we'll have it ready by the time you arrive to pick it up.

Paint Prep

To get the best results when painting, you need to spend time before you start properly prepping the room and the walls. It makes all the difference, and with this tutorial video, you can have...

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Prime, Caulk and Paint

There's perhaps no better and more affordable way to add interest to your homes exterior than by giving it a fresh new coat of paint. Whether its time to try a new color, or apply a fresh.

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Exterior Priming and Painting

You’ve decided what color your going to repaint your house and trim and you’re ready to get started. But wait. Don’t forget to prep the siding first. Prepping exterior wood siding for a fresh...

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Painting Ceilings

Painting the ceiling can give a room a fresh look. And its the perfect place to start when your project calls for repainting an entire room. In this video, well provide the know-how to make...

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Paint Cleanup Basics

Your newly painted walls look great But youre not finished yet. Watch this video and learn how to clean up after your paint project so that your painting supplies will be ready when you're...

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Antique Refinish I

In this first episode in our 2-part series on refinishing an antique, well show you how to remove the existing finish and get it ready for sanding and applying a new finish. When you're ready...

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Antique Refinish II

In the first segment in our 2-part series on refinishing an antique, we stripped the old finish off of our end table and gave it a lacquer thinner sponge bath to remove any remaining paint and...

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Wall Hanging Basics

There is not only an art to hanging pictures and other decorative pieces on walls, there is a science to it. You need the right hardware and hollow wall anchors to make sure your wall hanging stays...

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Repairing Drywall

No matter how big or small it is, a hole in the wall is an unsightly blemish that wont go away by itself. Watch this video to learn how to fix everything from small nail pops, to large gaping...

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Exterior Brick Mortar Repair

Today were going to fix the crumbling mortar in this brick siding using a process called repointing. Be sure to wear leather glovers and safety glasses. The instructions in this video use mixture...

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Fireplace Makeover

Throughout the ages, the fireplace has been considered the heart of the home. Its symbolizes warmth and sustenance, and from a design perspective, its usually the focal point of the home....

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