The Early Bird Special

We open our doors every weekday morning at 8am. We have a few customers that get an early start on the day and we want to make sure they can get what they need to get the job done ASAP. But we also have a lunch time rush from 11am to 1pm and things can get a little backed up. Not that we're complaining!

But, it got us to thinking... how could we entice some of our good lunchtime customers to come in a bit early? We realized that probably the easiest way to do that was to give them something that they would want. Most of our morning customers also make a pit stop at our favorite bakery, Heller's. So, we combined forces.

Here's the deal:

Come in between 8am and 10am, Monday - Friday, and spend $20 or more and you'll receive a coupon for a free coffee and a free doughnut. Just take the coupon over to Heller's and they'll take care of you just like you were paying cash.

Just like a lot of our deals and specials, we keep it simple. Use the coupon whenever you want. It doesn't expire. As long as Heller's and Old School Hardware are doing business, you can use that coupon. If you want, come in every week day and take advantage of the offer (we will only give one coupon per customer per day, but that's in your best interest as much as it is ours... I mean, c'mon, two doughnuts?). All you need to do is spend $20 and breakfast at Heller's is on us.

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