Being Green at Home: 5-Rs 03/23/2012

Zero Waste Home?

I came across an interesting idea the other day while reading an article; it mentioned a new movement involving zero waste consultants and homes. I couldn’t help but try to imagine what it would take to transform my home into a zero waste home. Like many people I endeavor to bring environmentally friendly habits into my day to day life. Whether these habits involve something as simple as taking the recycling out to the alley on trash day, stepping up a bit more by starting a backyard compost pile, or getting as involved as putting solar panels on the roof, I have always believed that every little bit helps. I have subscribed to the idea behind Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and thought I was doing my part, but the Zero Waste Home takes it a few steps further. Their slogan has been expanded to include Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot (and only in that order).



The idea behind this is to just say no, no to the un-needed freebie. This was a new one for me; I mean who doesn't like a freebie? But once I took a minute to process the thought it made good sense. Most freebies wind up as clutter clogging drawers and closets or trash. There is a certain amount of freedom and lightness that comes with a well thought out "No Thank You", if you don’t need "it" why let it clutter up your life?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These are mostly self explanatory. Get rid of what you don’t need or what doesn’t make life better for you. Extend the life of an item as long as you can or give that item a new life by repurposing it. Our Plant Nanny will turn your old soda or water bottles into a watering service while you are away. Once an item has lived out its usefulness in your home send it off to be turned into a new useful item.


Or compost… most wet trash is compostable. If you don't have space in your garden or time to tend a compost pile try a composting service like Compost Cab. They stop by and pick up your compostable trash and if you have a use for it will bring you back compost for your garden or house plants. We have compostable trash, lawn and leaf and compost container bags in stock.

Less Waste Home

The Zero Waste home might be light years away for most of us, but with a little thought each time we toss something into the trash it might get a bit closer and those weekly trips to the super can a lot lighter. For some great tips check out one of the front runners of the zero waste movement.

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