Our First Web Order! 02/29/2012


This will be a short entry. Yesterday evening, after we were closed for business, someone came on the website and browsed our product catalog. They found what they wanted, and submitted their order. This morning, our manager William saw the order in the system, pulled the stock off the shelf and sent the customer an email letter her know it was ready for pick-up.

How aweome is that?

You may not be as psyched about this as we are. But, we think online ordering from your local hardware store is kind of a game changer in the hardware business. We think customers will really appreciate being able to do their shopping online (right, we're nuts... online shopping will never catch on), but also the ability to check online and see if we have what they want in stock.

Check out our online store. Place an order. It won't cost you a thing til you pick it up.

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