Key Copies are Guaranteed

Some other stores have automated key machines that can crank out 10 copies in a just a minute or two. We take things a little more slowly at Old School Hardware, but we will have each of your copies done in about a minute or less per key. Each key is carefully copied under the watch of our trained staff. We believe in our process and staff so much that every key copy we make is guarnteed to work. If it doesn't, bring it back and we'll cut you a replacement right away. If we can't make it right, we'll refund your money.

In addition to quality Ilco standard keys, we carry keys with colored pastic centers and painted keys with your favorite team logos or television show characters.

We can cut single-sided or double-sided keys. 

We also carry a wide assortment of Key Accessories such as neck lanyards, key rings, key carabiners, and labels.


Key Pricing

Standard house key $1.99
Plastic center key $2.15
Painted house key $3.50
Premium house key $5.00
Double sided key $3.50
Premium car key $5.00
Chip car key $69.99-79.99

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