Sharp Knives for Great Cooks

If you like to cook, you know how important it is to keep your knives sharp and honed. So what is the difference between sharpening and honing? Sharpening a knife actually removes metal from the blade and puts a new edge on the knife, while honing a knife realigns the edge of the knife. 

With regular use the thin sharpened edge of your knife will get pushed out of alignment making the knife feel dull.  To keep your knives in good cutting form, it is recommended that you hone your knives before every use, or as needed while you are working with your knives to keep them feeling sharp and in good working order.  The perfect tool for honing a knife is the "sharpening" steel that came with your knife set. The steel will not put a new edge on your knife, so it will not sharpen it, but it will realign the edge of your knife allowing you to work safely and effectively in the kitchen.  The following video is a good "how to" on honing your knives!

Knife sharpening reforms the knife edge by grinding away a small amount of the blade material.  To sharpen a knife you must use a material sharper than the knife, common materials are a whetstone, or diamond coated surfaces. We use a two step process starting with a coarse diamond coated grinding wheel to shape the new edge and we finish with a fine diamond coated wheel to refine the new edge. We recommend getting them sharpened once or twice each year depending on how often you use them. You can swing by the store and drop your knives off, and for only $2.99 per knife, you can have a blade that feels like new.

Knife Sharpening Prices:

Knife: $2.99
Scissors: $3.99


** we charge an extra $0.99 for knives with nicks and we cannot sharpen dirty knives so it is an extra $3.99 to sharpen and clean dirty knives**

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