The Right Paint for the Job, In the Right Color


We carry Valspar paint in interior, exterior and low VOC:

  • Valspar Color Style
  • Valspar Climate Zone
  • Valspar Elan

Each of these paints offer great value for your painting project. Valspar is an affordable, well known, national brand carried in many home improvement stores across the country. The Elan line is low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is low odor. Because all of our paint brands are excellent quality you cannot go wrong with choosing any of them.  Valspar Color Style and Climate Zone have great adhesion, color retention, and spread-ability, but they are traditional paints which means that they will off-gas and you will have that "freshly painted room" smell.  So if you are sensitive to chemicals or fumes this might not be the best paint for you.  Valspar Elan has excellent adhesion, color retention and spread-ability, but they also offer the benefit of being low VOC and very low odor.  Elan is a great choice for anyone with chemical sensitivities, children or the elderly. 

A few things to think about when choosing paint are- sheen, color, and the room and its dimensions.  Our paints are available in Flat, Satin or Eggshell, and Semi-Gloss; Elan comes in Pearl for walls and Mid-Sheen for kitchens, bathrooms and woodwork.  So which sheen should you use? To some extent it is dependent on personal choice and style, but each of the sheens have traits that make them more or less versatile in different settings.  In a nutshell as sheen increases so do durability and scrub-ability, as sheen decreases coverage increases.


Flat paint is a matte finish and generally has more pigment than any of the other finishes because of this it tends to require fewer coats than the other sheens.  It is also a good choice if you are painting slightly damaged surfaces, because it has low reflective quality it helps to hide imperfections.  It is washable, but not as durable with scrubbing as the glossier finishes, and it does not hold up as well to humidity and splashing, so it is not the paint of choice for kitchens and bathrooms.  It is usually used on ceilings. 

Valspar:$26.99-$28.99, Elan Pearl: $45.99/Gallon   Valspar:$9.99-$10.99, Elan Pearl: $19.99/Quart

Eggshell and Satin

These terms are often used interchangeably, but satin tends to be slightly shinier than eggshell.  Both offer a mid level sheen and are more durable and scrub-able than flat.   Eggshell and satin are the most commonly used sheens for both interior and exterior projects. Inside, these sheens are often seen in rooms that need the added durability, kids rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.  It is thought that the extra shine keeps the eye moving and helps small spaces look larger.  Because they are a moderate sheen they add dimension without adding too much shine.  Outside they offer greater resistance to fading and shed water more easily than flat.

Valspar: $32.99-$34.99,  Valspar:$12.99-$14.99 Quart


With a higher sheen than satin or eggshell semi-gloss is an even more durable choice.  It is great in kitchens, bathrooms and is frequently used on trim, doors and windows; it is a great choice for any location that needs regular scrubbing.  As this has a higher sheen it will need more coats to achieve the look that you are going for, but it resists fading.

Valspar: $34.99-$38.99, Elan Mid-Sheen:$$49.99/Gallon   Valspar:$14.99-$15.99, Elan Mid-Sheen: 20.99/Quart


When you visit, you can take some of our Valspar chips home or you can borrow our color fan-deck (deposit required). Find the color that works for you and bring it back, we can mix up the color paint that you want. You can also bring us paint chips from other paint stores or home improvement stores. Our systems are keyed into many different color formulas and we can put that into your new paint to get you exactly the color that you want.  We will also save your color choice in our system so that if you need to do touch ups or repaint at any time we can help you find the color you used before.

Buying your Paint

In general a gallon of paint will cover 350-450sf and a quart will cover approximately 90sf.  Coverage will depend to some extent on the sheen you choose and the painter.  So when you come into buy paint it is a good idea to know the square footage of your space.  It is also helpful to know the surface that you are going to be painting.  We always recommend using a primer as it will make the paint last longer and adhere better, but new drywall or raw wood need to be primed before applying the paint or the new surfaces will absorb too much paint costing you money and time.  A primer is also really helpful when going from a dark to a light color or from light to dark, and if you are painting a nice bold color we can tint your primer so that your paint will go further. 



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