Rent what you need to get the job done

If you don't want a lot of power tools cluttering up your storage space (or don't have any storage space), but you still have a job to do, we can help! We carry power tools, wet/dry vacuums, bolt cutters, and ladders that you can rent by the day (deposit required).

Tool Rental Pricing:

  • Ladders
    6 Ft. A-Frame $10.99
    24 Ft. Extension $15.99


  • Bolt Cutter
    Bolt Cutter $4.99


  • Saws
    Reciprocating $19.99
    Circular $15.99
    Jigsaw $9.99


  • Sander
    Random Orbit Sander $10.99


  • Wet/Dry Vacuum / Fans/Pressure Washer
    Wet/Dry Vacuum $14.99
    Utility Household Pump Kit $24.99
    Carpet Blower/Dryer $14.99


  • Drills
    Corded Drill $9.99
    Cordless Drill $9.99
    Note—Drill bits are not included with rental


  • Stapler
    Electric Stapler $4.99
    Note—Staples are not included with rental


  • Moving/Yard Sale Supplies
    Hand Truck $15.99
    Furniture Dolly $5.99
    Folding Table $9.99


 ** All rental prices are for one day or any part of a day**

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